1. SCS provides transportation facilities to students, teaching and non-teaching staff. Students who want to use school bus facilties should apply for the same to the principal at the beginning of the academic year.
2. The school bus facility or its discontinuance is not admissible for any part of a term.
3. Nobody, without a valid bus pass, will be allowed to board the bus. Loss of Bus Pass must be reported promptly to the school office.
4. Commuting by school bus is an occasion for the pupils to cultivate good habits like patience, forbearance, tolerance, sympathy, team-spirit, co-operation and consideration for others.
5. Gentle and exemplary behavior is expected of all the students in the bus and at the boarding points where they wait for the bus.
6. Singing or shouting, throwing articles out of the bus or making comments on co-commuters and others are strictly forbidden.
7. Avoid all dangerous behaviors like travelling on footboard, putting hands, head, etc., outside the bus.
8. In order to maintain order and discipline in the bus, students are to co-operate with the bus staff.
9. Strong and prompt disciplinary action will be taken against the students who do not behave themselves properly in the bus.
10. If the school bus fails to ply on any day on account of some unforeseen reason, the students should come to school by other means. No complaint will be entertained on such issues.
11. Those who avail themselves of school bus facilities must pay bus fee for 11 months.